TopForexEAs $1,000 Financial Freedom Scholarship

TopForexEAs Team is dedicated to helping people find the Top Forex Expert Advisers. Financial freedom means different things to different people. It takes on many forms. and thus every year we organize this scholarship to help student’s pay tuition fees of the enrolled course.

If you find this scholarship beneficial and you believe you can achieve it, please don’t hesitate in applying for this scholarship.

Every student has now the opportunity to apply for the TopForexEAs $1,000 Financial Freedom Scholarships to be paid toward tuition for the upcoming semester by attending TopForexEAs $1000 Financial Freedom Scholarship Contest.

Am I Eligible for the Scholarship?

All participants who apply for the scholarship must be over 17 years of age.
We encourage students of all levels to apply: highs school students, undergraduate students, master degree. Students of all ages are free to apply.

How to Apply

To enter, please submit an essay of at least 1500 words in English, answering the following questions:

  • What does financial freedom mean to you?
  • Why is financial freedom important to you?
  • How will you achieve financial freedom?

Applying Criteria:

  • Article should have minimum 1500 words
  • Article must be written in English
  • It has to be unique and will be tested for plagiarism

How to submit your work?

Email your article at:

You should include your:

  1. Full Name
  2. Contact Email
  3. Institute Name
  4. Area of Study
  5. Any document which can prove you are studying at your institute.

The deadline for submissions is the 25th December 2017. Article submitted after this date will not be considered.

The winner will be selected during January 2018. Your $1000 scholarship will be sent via Paypal or a Check.

In the case of queries, you can fill the contact form and we will get back to ASAP. Good Luck!

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